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Home Instruction Sheets 7.5, 8.5, 9 1/8, and 10.5 Single Disk Clutch Installation Instructions

7.5, 8.5, 9 1/8, and 10.5 Single Disk Clutch Installation Instructions

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10,000 RPM Racing Clutches

7.5, 8.5, 9 1/8, 10.5 Steel Billet Single Disk

Installation Instructions - Part #'s 9311, 9311C, 9411K, 9411D, 9911-9 1/8, 0511ST 7.5

I. CLUTCH COVER: Part #'s 9325-10.5 (11 1/2 Lbs), 9425-10.5 (10 Lbs), 9925-9 1/8 (7 1/2 Lbs), 0525-8.5 (6 1/2 Lbs), 0525-7.5 (5 Lbs)

Consists of Borg and Beck style clutch cover, diaphragm spring and pressure plate

1. Our high speed throw out bearings are ideally suited for this application. They are available in either short or long, flat or round faced versions.

2. Bearing free play of 1/4" (0.250") minimum is required for successful operation of the clutch.

3. Diaphragm spring movement of approximately 7/16" will release the clutch. #0511-7.5 takes 1/4" to 5/16" to release.

4. Throw out bearing needs a minimum of 3/4" travel.

5. A pedal stop must be used. Do not allow clutch to the the stop. Over releasing the clutch will rupture the spring.

6. The diaphragm spring should be replaced whenever the disk is replaced or the clutch is rebuilt. Clutch cover bolts should be torqued to 25-30 ft. lbs.

7. Clutch pre-load is factory set between 0.100" - 0.160". The clutch releases easier with less pre-load. New clutch and flywheel assemblies have pre-load set, use as shipped. (see Fig. 2)

II. CLUTCH DISKS: Part # 1020 10.5" or 9 1/8", #7020 7.5"

1. The disk should have the raised hub facing the transmission. (See Fig. 1)

2. Minimum clearance between the disk and flywheel bolts must be 1/16" (0.060")

3. New 10.5 disks are 0.360" and should be replaced at 0.330".

III. FLYWHEEL: Part #'s 1019- 4 Cylinder Steel Billet Flywheels 6-8 1/2 Lbs., V8 Steel Billet Flywheels 9, 12 1/2, 15, and 20 lbs. available. 10000 RPM now has '87 and up Chevy flywheels with factory counter balance or

neutral balance

1. Automatic transmission flywheel bolts must be used. Do not use washers under bolts.

2. Use locking compound on bolts and torque to factory specifications.


1. Clutch arm must be at 90° to the linkage when the bearing is contracting the fingers of the clutch. More or less of an angle will diminish the mechanical advantage of the linkage, and may cause release and clearance related problems. (See Fig. 3)

#9911- 9 1/8" Clutch and Flywheel Package needs and XXL long TO bearing for easier installation and operation. Internal hydraulic throw out bearings need over 3/4" of travel to work properly. Our clutches are designed #1 Lite. We use space age components to make them lighter than the competition. Heavy duty options such as KEVLAR disks are available, while still allowing the clutch to remain lighter than the competition.

We design our clutches to have additional centrifugal torque holding capacity at high rpm. The diaphragm fingers will move back as much as 1/4" at high rpm. This is the reason that you need 1/4" minimum free play between the bearing and clutch fingers. If you have less than this the throw out bearing can release the clutch at high rpm. Our technical department is available to answer your questions from 8am - 5pm Pacific Time, Monday to Friday.


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