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Stock Appearing Clutch Packages

High Performace Clutch Kits

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High performance stock type clutch kits now available!

Starting from only $349.

For Street/Strip "High Performance" Use. Complete Cover, Disk, Bearing & Alignment tool.

High Performance Clutch Kit

Call us for details.


Mazda Clutches

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Did you know that 10,000 RPM makes ultra light racing clutches to fit the incredibly popular Mazda Miata.  Both stock appearing or multidisk mini clutches are available, and combinations can be tailored to fit your SCCA class rules.  Our lightweight racing clutches will give you the edge, giving faster acceleration, better handling (less gyroscopic effect from the clutch), can help lower brake temperatures, and get you deeper into the corners.


10.5" Budget Stock Type Assembly

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 Budget Type Stock Appearing Assembly Limited Horsepower

 #9211ST - 10.5" Single Disk Stock Type Clutch & Flywheel Assembly.

An introductory racing clutch and flywheel package.  Using the same lightweight steel billet flywheel and solid hub racing disk as our 9311, but with a lower cost cover.  Suitable for applications to 350HP and 7,000 RPM maximum where lower cost is a concern. As light as 24.5 Lbs complete! (#9311 weighs 21.5 Lbs and is suitable for up to 850HP and 10,000RPM)


7.5" or 8.5" Single Disk Stock Appearing Assembly

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10,000 RPM, Inc. is the Leader in Liteweight Clutches and Billet Flywheels for all your Mini Stock Racing Clutch needs.

#0511ST 7.5" Lightweight Stock Appearing  Clutch and Billet Flywheel Assembly for 2000/2300 Ford or 2.5L GM/Pontiac Iron Duke (153T or 142T ring gear). Dodge 2.2L Complete weight 12 lbs and up

#5511ST 7.5" Lightweight Stock Appearing Clutch and Flywheel Assembly for Toyota 2TC, 3TC, Toyota 20-22R, 2.6L Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Mazda  Starting at 14 lbs. up

2000/2300 Ford Steel Billet Flywheels available in 6.5, 9, 13, 14, and 15 lbs from stock. Other applications approx. 8 lbs and up. The Stock Clutch Cover/Pressure Plate is modified with new heavy duty spring and steel billet pressure plate manufactured in house at our Lancaster, CA facility.  Cover weighs only 5 Lbs, stock units weigh 8 pounds and up!
Don't be fooled by imitators that use the old cast iron pressure plate and heavy components.  10000 RPM clutches are built for racing.

Inquire for other applications.


10.5" Ultra Lite Stock Appearing Assembly

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#9411 Ultra Lite Clutch and Flywheel Assembly

The Trickest 10.5" Assembly is available bonded KEVLAR disk gives you the competitive edge. Cover weighs 10.5 Lbs  Aluminum Kevlar Disk is less than 2 lbs!  Steel are under 3 lbs.  The Billet Steel Flywheels are available in 9.5, 12, 13, 14, 15, or 19 Lbs from GM Early Model. Crate Counter Weighted (602 gm) are 10, 12.5 and 15 lbs., Ford 157T 10 or 13 lbs., and the Chrysler 6 or 8 bolt 10 lbs.    Absolutely not for street applications. See #9311D or 1011D for Street Applications.

100% KEVLAR Disks are the #1 Way to go as they don't wear out the opposing surfaces as quickly as conventional disks. Less Heat = Less Wear and More HP.

When ordering please specify your spline size.

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