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Drag Race Clutch Packages

New 10.5" Clutch Non-Stock Appearing

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New 10.5" Ultimate #1 Lite Clutch



Aluminum Cover/Steel Pressure Plate complete assembly as shown 17.0 LBS! (Aluminum Flywheel 153T Chevrolet Neutral Balance)

  • Durability & Torque Capacity of a 10.5” Clutch in only 8.25 Lbs. (Cover, Pressure Plate, Studs & Stands)
  • Superior Driveability using KEVLAR Disk
  • Standard Borg & Beck Pattern, Can Upgrade Our Existing 10.5” Flywheel & Clutch Package
  • Multidisk Drag Racing Versions Available with Kevlar or Sintered Iron Disk
  • Ideal For Street/Strip, or High Powered Road Race Cars Where a Miniclutch is Not Desire
  • Lower Installed Height
  • Open Design For Superior Cooling
  • Completely Rebuildabe
  • Removeable Preload Shims Extend Life of Disks

Part #1011 - Stock car/Road Race/Standard Applications

Part #1011D - High HP Drag Racing Version

Available Now, Call Us For More Information!


Centrifugal Pedal Clutch

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New Fully Centrifugal Pedal Clutch

For Professional Racing Applications

PN #3012FC - 2 Disk Set (Pictured)

We now offer a centrifugal clutch with pedal release!


- 7.5" Diameter 1-2-3-4-5 Disk Versions

- Highly Adjustable with Dual Counter Weight Positions

- 100% Kevlar or Sintered Iron Disks

- Flywheels to Fit Many Applications, Custom Available

- Titanium Components Available as Special Order

- SFI Approved

Call for more information and application assistance!

(661) 942-1312


2 or 3 Disk 7.5" Custom Slide-Loc Clutch

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Triple Disk Drag Racing Clutch


The #3012 2 disk, and #3013 3 disk 7.5" Slide-Loc clutches are custom fit to your high horsepower application needs.  We Recommend our 100% Kevlar disks, a modern replacement for heavy metallic disks.  They have much lower weight and longer life.  Metallic disks are also available if desired.  Suitable for drag race, tractor pull, large diesels, bonneville, and anywhere where limited slip and high torque capacity on lockup are desired.  Much lower maintenance versus a full centrifugal clutch, with pedal control-ability. Very low rotating weight and good for 1700+ horsepower.  Smooth and consistent engagement provide quicker reaction time and lower stress on drive line components.  Call us with your application. SFI Approved.




9312D-2D 10.5" 2 Disk Drag Race Clutch

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For higher horsepower applications beyond the capabilities of the 9311D single disk assembly the 9312 is your answer. Suitable for applications from approximatey 800-1650+ horsepower under all types of conditions including drag racing. Please note that it is normal for this clutch to slip slightly when shifting, this allows lower shock loads on your driveline components. For applications beyond 1650 horsepower please consult factory.  SFI approved.

Side view of 9312D clutch




10.5" Drag Racing Assembly

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9311D - 10 1/2" Drag Racing Clutch and Flywheel Package.

Get the Jump on your Competition with Quicker Reaction Times


Introducing the #9311D Clutch and Flywheel Assembly from 10,000 RPM. This clutch assembly features a CNC Billet Steel Liteweight flywheel, pressure plate, and liteweight steel billet disk with KEVLAR facings. These components make for an extremely durable and liteweight assembly. The #9311D is perfect for the person with a high horsepower street car or the all out race car. High torque holding capacity with minimum pedal movement will improve your reaction time. KEVLAR disk provides highest durability and smooth, consistent takeoff from the line. Also available the 2 disk 9312-2D. SFI approved.




Get the Latest Produt Info and Updates

(661) 942-1312

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